With more than 100 researchers and academics across nine faculties at Dalhousie University and one of the highest concentrations of ocean-related PhDs in the world (est. 480), we are Canada's Ocean Educators. 

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Feature Stories

Lucien LeBlanc:

  • Fisherman
  • Eco-tourism Owner
  • Navigation Instructor

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Jean-Francois Bousquet

  • Dalhousie University
    Electrical Engineer Ocean Scientist
  • "Waveform Geek"

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Carmen Lawrence

  • Marine Biologist
  • Ocean Technologist
  • "Whale Whisperer"

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Dive In. Make Waves.

The mystery of the seas called to Callum from an early age. Now he's working with underwater camera systems to explore the depths.

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More Success Stories 


Tim Webster and his team at NSCC’s Applied Geomatics Research Group are unlocking the near-shore mysteries with their leading egde topobathymetric LiDAR system.

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Ocean students dive into the mysteries of the red sea

Nestled between Africa and Asia sits the Red Sea, known for the algal blooms that turn its water a reddish hue. Here, amidst a coastal desert, the sea’s Gulf of Eilat (also known as the Gulf of Aqaba) is home to unparalleled marine systems of great interest to ocean scientists all over the world.

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In high school in Medicine Hat, Alberta, this first generation Indian-Canadian (and the only female child in three generations of her family) began working part-time in a microbiology lab testing water for parasites. She then used this experience to develop a method for early detection of parasitic outbreaks in water supplies.

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