With 20% of all research and development businesses focused on ocean tech and over 200 companies with more than 60 innovators of new products and services, we are Canada's Ocean Innovators. 

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"If FORCE succeeds in generating tidal power, it will be a massive feat for Nova Scotia." 

Tom Knox, Founder of Halifax-based company, EMO Marine Technologies Ltd., talks about their unique multiplexer system and their work with FORCE (Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy) to help monitor the tides in the Bay of Fundy (the highest tides in the world).

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planet ocean

"Collaboration is our life blood."

Until now, much of what happened beneath the surface of the ocean went unnoticed. Monitoring technology was constrained by harsh ocean conditions, the duration of research vessel expeditions, and the battery life of instruments. Today, Sea-Bird Scientific’s innovative and robust sensors address these limitations, measuring chemical and biological challenges affecting the world’s oceans.

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Survival Systems Training Hoists Its MAST

From offshore oil and gas exploration to navy shipbuilding, $129 billion in major projects is happening in our region and Survival Systems Training Limited is riding the crest of this wave. The company opened a new Marine Aviation Survival Training (MAST) facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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